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    Tafia Makes Moves For Trap Music in 2022

    Introducing Tafia

    According to Tafia, “Tafia is about to be a big factor in the music industry in 2022!” Tafia is a trap music artist from North Miami. He was hand-picked by Meek Mill as the first signee to Dream Chasers/Roc Nation. The music video for “Been On It” dropped Friday. He also announced the release of his response album to Street Clarity , Mention My Name , which will drop on March 18th. His new album includes features from Vory, Jeremih, Davido, and Rob49. Tafis is appealing to both fans and critics because his lyrics are authentic and personable. Elevator Mag stated that, “Tafia is lyrical and raps real-life experience to his listeners. HotNewHipHop said, “Tafia remains one of the strongest voices in the streets of the Sunshine State.”

    “Na Na”and “Street Fanci” Explained

    His favorite collaboration to date is his “forthcoming single to be released with Davido and Jeremih because it’s a different vibe that he never rapped on before. There are still plenty of released Tafia tracks for fans to admire with interesting real-life inspiration. The latest single “Na Na” was inspired by a time when Tafia “had a hundred thousand next to me, sitting on the coffee table.”

    Later Tafia explained that being “Street Fanci” “means a gutta street dude with class! I got expensive taste.”

    Understanding Tafia

    Tafia views himself as “a humble beast” who likes “to laugh, live life, and make money.” He treats “everyone with respect” so he “receive[s] it back.” He therefore has some solid advice for those starting out in the rap industry.

    “Nothing comes easy! Some things come easier than others but just keep going! You’re going to just keep getting better.” “I listen to the beat for the first 15 seconds then I go with the first thing that comes to mind.”

    He even opened up about his own creative process by saying, “I listen to the beat for the first 15 seconds then I go with the first thing that comes to mind.”



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