Ta-ku Ft. Atu – Long Time No See

Ta-ku Ft. Atu – Long Time No See

“Ta-ku”, aka Music Producer Regan Matthews has put himself on the map. Not just as a Soundcloud breakout star, but as a truly talented individual with alot left on his agenda.

His previous EP, “Songs To Break up To” proved his musical genius, which many listeners received well, in addition to supporting. Now, Ta-Ku is back with a new EP titled “Songs To Make Up To”, which is kickstarted by this here single: “Long Time No See”, which previously premiered on Stereogum.

The track starts off with a piano thats gloomy, mysterious and sincere. As it progresses, the tempo picks up with a cool R&B’ish rhythmic line, that continues to build as you dive deeper into it’s transitions.

There’s no words laid down on this record, just instrumental. Which is pretty satisfying if your looking for a vibe to groove to. Distant echo’s of muffled vocals fill the stereo field in both L and R speakers, which gives off a euphoric relief. The title of this record matches the mood of the instrumentation perfectly.

No doubts or worries about being entertained with this one. Certified dope. Check it out.

Songs To Make Up To is out via Fool’s Gold/Future Classic. Order it here.


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