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    T I Says Stop Cancel Culture, But Candace Owens Can Go

    While on the Nick Cannon’s morning radio show, T.I gave his honest opinion on cancel culture, and Candance Owens.

    T.I want’s the black community to stop canceling each other, except Candace Owens, “She can got to go.” The Grand-Hustle head honcho has had clashes with Owens before over their opinions on how to handle racial inequality.

    TIP is known to be an articulate man who isn’t afraid to express his views openly even when they are beyond questionable. However, most of his views are in line with the vast majority of the black community. He may not be perfect, but we can trust T.I not to embarrass us in front of white folk.

    During his visit to Nick Cannon’s show, T.I touched on cancel culture, and the need for a “Rehabalative approach.”

    . “We don’t all have the same opinions of how to move forward on what’s gonna get us to our goal. But we all have the same fight. We’re all on the same journey. We can’t afford to necessarily lose no people. We ain’t got them kinds of numbers to where we can say…I see a lot of people say we canceled; we canceled, we canceled. I feel like we need to have a lot more of a…we need a rehabilitative approach.”

    The rapper did acknowledge there are certain people like Candace Owens, who is beyond reproach. Nothing that he doesn’t believe she is even a member of the black race anymore per her choosing.

    “..She seems to have forgotten that she’s Black. She has turned in her Black card and she’s crossed over.”

    T.I and Candace Owens were both apart of the Revolt summit, and their exchange along with Killer Mike went viral. It’s clear the two haven’t thoroughly hashed things out, but it appears they may have tried.


    Unpopular opinion, but some of the things Owens says about the black community are 100% accurate. Her views on the effect of welfare and the destruction of the black male in the home are correct. Like it or not, she is telling you the truth when she says that Democrats have done nothing for the black community except disabling them.

    One thing TIP said stood out, he said “. “You can either change my mind. I can change your mind. But we still moved forward. I don’t think dropping each other off is the answer all the time.”

    Maybe what he meant to say is, if I don’t change your mind, and you can’t change my mind, then we will have to agree to disagree. However, we will also agree to work together to help see each other’s point of view.

    What do you guys think of T.I views on cancel culture and Candace Owens?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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