T.I. To Donald Trump: “F*** You and F*** What You Stand For”

T.I. To Donald Trump

T.I. is a man of many words, with and without his music, so of course he had a few words for Donald Trump. “Fuck you and fuck what you stand for.”

By now, Trump and his supporters have gotten a lot of negative feedback, and everyone has shared their opinions from President Barack Obama, Tamar Braxton, John Legend, and everyday American citizens. Most recently, T.I. has been added to that list of non-Trump supporters. T.I. posted a video explaining his thoughts on Trump. He says the following in the video.

“Donald Trump, this message is for you. My name is Clifford “T.I.P.” Harris. I say this as non-violently, but unapologetically as possible: Fuck you and fuck what you stand for. Nobody who support me will support you. End of message.” 

Trump just cant win this week, with all the backlash, to him cancelling his campaign stop in Chicago, to getting rushed on stage the next day in Ohio, and possibly facing charges for inciting a riot; Trump’s run for presidency may be over soon enough.


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