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    T.I Makes His 18-Year Old Take “Virginity Test”

    T.I is taking the term “overprotective father” to a whole new level!

    Rapper T.I. recently admitted that he personally schedules and attends his 18-year old daughter’s Deyjah Harris’s gynecologist appointments. The Atlanta native was on the podcast “Ladies Like Us” and the topic of the “talk” came up.

    The shows’ host Nazanin and Nadia asked the rapper if he had the sex talk with his daughters. T.I went on to say not only has he had the talk, but he also sets up the appointment.

    Deyjah Harris is T.I’s eldest daughter who just turned 18 and started college is the daughter he was talking about.T I Makes His 18-Year Old-1

    Upon revealing how much he invades his daughter’s privacy the host of the show laughed. Due to this reaction, the women caught a lot of backlash for not putting Tiny husband in his place. They eventually took the entire episode down because of the heat they were receiving.

    This incident has brought to light a common problem young women face in this world. The Hymen test is yet another way that society tries to shame women for being sexual beings. Even more, the fact that a father would even go that far is amazing. T.I. appears to be a great father to his children on his show. However, he is taking things to the extreme with these actions.

    Deyjah Harris seems to agree with her father’s critics according to her twitter. The teenager liked tweets that were condemning her father’s actions, call his behavior “disgusting” and “controlling”. She tweeted “I love yall” hinting that she appreciated the support she was recieving.

    Hopefully T.I. takes this experience and learns from it. It’s ok to be a protective father and to want what’s best for your children. However, the best one can do as a father is to educate their children on what is out there and how they should address it. All children/teenagers are going to eventually make “mistakes” a good dad can just be there to support his children the best he can.

    What do you guys think about T.I.’s comments? is he out of line for checking on his daughter’s hymen? or is he within his rights as a father to keep track of his daughters virginity?

    Lets us know your thoughts in the comments

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