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    T.I Asserts His Dominance In The Rap Industry

    Every now and then, OG rappers feel the need to remind people that they’re still the best emcee in the rap industry. Atlanta rap star T.I certainly made sure people remembered his rap prowess, despite not having released a proper album in several years. Apparently, the rapper took to social media, feeling slighted and demanded respect from the haters. Someone clearly has a hurt ego.

    T.I Reaffirms His Dominance Over Rap Music

    via The Hollywood Gossip

    With a new generation of rappers becoming more and more present, some old-time emcees feel threatened by their presence. It’s unclear what truly prompted T.I’s rant on Jan. 16, Sunday, but it’s clear that someone down played his spit game. Big mistake.

    The ATL rapper posted a video to his Instagram stories, asserting his dominance over the rap industry. In short, the rapper boasted that he doesn’t rely solely on music to pay the bills. He notes he has his hand in other, lucrative business avenues, and only produces music when he feels the need to.

    Additionally, he boasted about his unbeatable rap skills, stating that “nobody can out-rap him.” This assumed ability has made as he states that other rappers afraid to collaborate with him. Clearly, T.I has put the haters in their place.

    He Calls Out His Peers

    via Hip-Hop Lately

    T.I may consider himself a certified OG rapper. Though, he seemed more than eager to throw other GOAT rap stars like Jay-Z, Nas, Pusha T and Lil Wayne under the bus. Furthermore, T.I continued to rant that he’s even better than his peers. However, the ATL star forgot that even 50 Cent refused to do a VERZUZ battle with him. Quote on quote, 50 Cent told T.I to “respectfully” stay away from him. T.I might want to deflate his ego just a little bit.



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