Syd Shares New Solo Single “All About Me” & Album Release Date

Syd Shares New Solo Single

Last year, members of the Internet hinted at solo projects. In December, Syd announced that she would be the leading lady to share her forthcoming album on Twitter. Now, titled Fin, she unveils her first single, “All About Me,” with a hard hitting visual to compliment the dope new single. With production from fellow band member, Steve Lacey, the visual is much darker than the original soundwave of the Internet. But, Syd did admit that her music would evolve into a more mainstream focus, specifically in her lyrical content. And “All About Me” is a proper representation of her new creative vision and soundwave.

Although the track is tiled, “All About Me” the lyrics are actually about keeping a tight circle, as she croons, “Take care of the family that you came with.” Because the launch of a solo album usually ends in the group’s demise, it looks like Syd, The Internet and Odd Future are sticking together.

Check out the dope visuals above and be on the lookout for Syd’s new album Fin February 3.


  1. ‘Shake ’Em Off’
  2. ‘Know’
  3. ‘Nothin to Somethin’
  4. ‘No Complaints’
  5. ‘All About Me’
  6. ‘Smile More’
  7. ‘Got Her Own’
  8. ‘Drown in It’
  9. ‘Body’
  10. ‘Dollar Bills’
  11. ‘Over’
  12. ‘Insecurities


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