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    Swedish Prison Claps Back At A$AP Rocky’s Manager’s “Inhumane” Prison Claims!

    Uh Oh.. Swedish Prison did NOT like the “inhumane” comments made about them. A$AP Rocky’s manager lied??

    Kronoberg detention center in Stockholm is clapping back at A$AP Rocky’s manager’s claims that the prison has “inhumane conditions.”

    Rocky’s manager, John Ehmann, launched an online petition Tuesday in which he claimed the prison had A$AP Rocky in terrible conditions.

    These “inhumane” conditions included him being under “24/7 solitary confinement, restriction of amenities for the most basic of human functions…”

    “…access to palatable and life-sustaining food as well as unsanitary conditions.”

    Fredrik Wallin, the governor of the Swedish prison, made a statement defending the facility. He says Kronoberg is “recently renovated,” clean and offers three meals a day to its prisoners.

    He did not confirm whether A$AP Rocky was in their custody, but the Swedish courts said where the rapper is being detained.

    “Normally, you live in a prison cell which consists of a desk, a bed with a mattress and a TV,” Wallin said.

    “During the last few years, we have completed a large reconstruction where all the prison cells as well as the rest of the remand prison have been completely renovated…”

    “…which make the remand prison in good condition. I have no knowledge on any current diseases in the remand prison.”

    Rocky began his pre-trial two-week sentence on Friday. This will happen as police investigate the June 30 street fight that led to his arrest.

    In the online petition, Ehmann claimed the conditions of the facility where his client is staying “are horrific.”

    “If someone spills their food, has any type of accident or hurts themselves which might cause blood…”

    “…we immediately sanitize, using a professional cleaning company,” he said. “

    This is done for the sake of the prisoners as well as for our staff for them to have decent working conditions.”

    A source told Page Six it’s believed that Rocky is “not on restriction.”

    If anyone knows Sweden, you know they have the best prisons in the world. A$AP is fine! His manager is just trying to get him out….but by lying? You be the judge of it!

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    Image Credit: Monsters and Critics


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