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    Swae Lee Is Offering A $20K Reward For His Lost Music

    There’s nothing worse than reporting our stolen items. For big time musicians, the situation is downright daunting and in severe cases, terrifying. Former Rae Sremmurd member Swae Lee was a nervous wreck after revealing that he’d lost the hard drive containing all the songs to his new album Human Nature. Though, Swae Lee keeps hope alive by offering a $20K reward for the recovered hard drive. The singer might be gambling away too much money, though.

                        The Reward For His Hard Drive

    via XXL Mag

     Desperate times usually call for extreme measures. Swae Lee obviously is heartbroken over the misplacement of his album. The “Sunflower” crooner took to social media on December 14 to voice to fans the severity of the situation and how devasted he is. “I got my whole life on that s***,” the star tweeted. A broken heart emoji was tagged with the tweet.

    Beforehand, Swae Lee released specific details pertaining to the missing hard drive, noting that he lost it at the Los Angeles International Airport. Additionally, he offered to pay $20K to any fan who recovered the drive. “Got 20k for anyone who found my harddrive @ LAX T2 delta airlines this morning all my songs are on there,” he wrote on an Instagram story. At this point, the artist is in a very vulnerable state of mind. He’s willing to do anything, even entrust fans to recover his lost music to his “Human Nature” album.

                The Fans Roast Swae Lee


    However, the singer’s announcement didn’t warrant the response we’d hope for. Instead, fans expressed mixed opinions. While some sympathized with Lee, others just ridiculed him. One fan, tweeted a particularly insensitive comment, “Hella swae lee leaks coming soon 🤣,” said a fan while another wrote, “Damn! Loads of music & albums bouta be leaked 🤦🏽‍♂️.” These fans are downright brutal. So much for supporting their favorite icon.

                Swae Lee Might Regret Offering A Reward

    via Billboard

    The fan’s comments are more than harsh but that’s the least of Swae Lee’s concerns. The reward amount Lee is offering seems desperate. He should tread lightly with fans, as they’ve already expressed just how willing they are to take advantage. Be it that the star makes any rash decisions, he might want to consider the notorious case of super-producer Ryan Leslie who ended up paying a stranger well over a $1 million dollars for his stolen laptop.

    A man had delivered the producer’s laptop, with the expectation of the receiving the $1 million reward. Leslie however refused to pay due to the fact that the files were corrupted. In the end, a judge made the producer pay the local man the $1 million and an additional $180,000 in penalties for the delayed payment. Word to the wise Swae Lee, be careful with your fans.






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