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‘Surviving R Kelly’ Documentary Premier Comes to a Halt After Gun Threats

Surviving R Kelly had a premiere date for Tuesday in New York City. Unfortunately, the audience never got to see it play on the screen.

The premiere shut down, after reports of a gun threat came from anonymous phone calls. According to a spokesperson for NeueHouse, a man placed two phone calls, warning of a pending shooting.

The series is a six-part series, airing on the Lifetime network. It shows the lives of women, who lived through Kelly’s sexual misbehaviors. Recently, reports have been made that Kelly is the ringleader of a huge “sex cult.” There was a number of women, all whom accuse Kelly of imprisoning women, controlling their behavior and forcing them to have sex with one another, in attendance.

“Tonight was a private screening of the @lifetimetv documentary #survivingRkelly where his survivors, parents of survivors, and folks featured in the doc were gathered and a BOMB THREAT was called in and the event shut down,” tweeted Tarana Burke.

Burke is the founder of the MeToo Movement.

Despite the claims, Kelly is defending his innocence. He claims the allegations are phony allegations against his character.

In addition to everything, there have been no updates on a rescheduled date. Victims believe the phone calls were a part of a plan to silence the series.

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