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    Supreme Court Tells Donald Trump To Give Up Tax Returns

    The Supreme Court upheld the decision that will force Donald Trump to fork over his Tax Returns to Prosecutors.

    Donald Trump will hand over his Tax Returns to New York prosecutors after the Supreme Court upheld a subpoena. The president tried to argue that active Head of states should be immune to prosecution. However, the Supreme Court ruling proves otherwise and Trump can thank two of his own appointees.

    Both Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch cast votes in favor of upholding the NY Prosecutors subpoena for Trump’s tax returns. The decision was upheld 7-2 but that does not mean anyone will see the Tax returns anytime soon.

    The Supreme Court temporarily blocked both the house and NY prosecutors from obtaining the returns. Both cases have been sent back down to lower cases for review, the NY case just proved the president wasn’t immune to handing over documents.

    Trump, of course, got on Twitter to let the world know his thoughts on the rulings.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also put out a tweet of her own.

    While the ruling today may prove pivotal for the future of presidents in this country, it will have little effect on this Novembers election. This year’s election is truly like nothing American citizens have seen before, except maybe on a pre-apocalyptic movie!!

    What do you guys think about the Supreme Courts Ruling on Donald Trump’s Tax Returns? Do you think the American People will ever see them?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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