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    Supervisor Ridley-Thomas Fights to Ensure Community Investment and Violence Intervention

    As tensions continue to rise due to the recent deaths of Andres Guardado and Dijon Kizzee, the county is doubling down on community well-being as well as violence prevention initiatives. Over the span of 15 months, more than 14 victims have died at the hands of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) deputies. In response to this unprecedented crisis, The Board of Supervisors is taking the appropriate steps to ensure community investment and implement violence intervention programs. Earlier this week, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas read in two motions that include; enacting the Office of Violence Prevention’s strategic plan and creating a coordinated community-based crisis response system as well as establishing the Family Assistance Program (FAP) for families who have lost loved ones to deputy-involved shootings.

    Violence Prevention’s Strategic Plan

    As the country continues to confront law enforcement misconduct, it is imperative now than ever that the Board now position the strategies and mission of the OVP for action and implementation. In this motion, the Board is calling for the Director of the Department of Public Health’s Office of Violence Prevention (OVP), in collaboration with the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO, to report back with an Implementation Plan for the OVP’s Strategic Plan. This would include the creation of a coordinated, community-based Crisis Response and Violence Intervention Program (CRVIP), the Psychiatric Mobile Response Team and the Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) ongoing work in Alternatives to Law Enforcement Crisis Response, street intervention and Safe Passage, and the Family Assistance Program.

    Family Assistance Program

    Proposed in response to community concerns about the needs of families whose loved ones have died while in the LASD’s custody, or during out-of-custody incidents involving fatal uses of force by LASD deputies; at its core, the Family Assistance Program (FAP) was designed to provide a trauma-informed response to these tragic incidents. This motion instructs the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in consultation with the  Inspector General (IG), County Counsel, the Director of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Medical Examiner-Coroner to provide a report of any resources provided to the families of Mr. Kizzee and Mr. Guardado.

    What to know more about these recent motions, take a look below:

    Office of Violence Prevention

    Family Assistance Program

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