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    Summer Walker Says She’s Done Making Music

    Summer Walker says she’s quitting music in 2020.

    The R&B singer has a history of canceling important commitments to her fans, such as concerts and other appearances due to severe social anxiety. It now appears that she might be putting down the mic for good.

    Summer Walker took to Instagram in a post on Monday, February 10th, to vent her frustrations and let fans know that she might be calling it quits sooner rather than later.

    “Lol, I’m dead-ass never making another song after 2020,” she said.


    Summer Walker publicly voiced her issue, and that suffers from social anxiety. Her anxiety had reached such a high point that she canceled multiple fan meet & greets, and even canceled numerous tour dates to take care of her mental health. The singer had previously said in the past that she might not be cut out for the music industry. Even suggesting that early retirement could be in store for her. This is something that hasn’t come up since she first made those comments until now.

    With talks of her quitting music surrounding her again, Summer Walker is still planning on making new music this year. She is also set to make appearances at different concerts, such as Coachella 2020.

    Are you all seriously buying that Summer Walker could be quitting music at the end of the year?

    Give us your thoughts in the comments below.


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