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    Summer Walker Becomes A Businesswoman Over Night

    These days, Hip-Hop artists move at the speed of lightening towards fame. With the abundance of streaming apps, they can release music at the click of a button. If it weren’t for online platforms like YouTube, we would’ve never discovered R&B sensation Summer Walker. Only two years have gone by since the singer was discovered in her hometown Atlanta by a studio manager of Love Renaissance Records.

    From there on, Walker’s music career skyrocketed after releasing multiple EP’s and mixtapes like Last Day Of Summer. Then came her first debut album Over It which took the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 Chart. The album’s first debut week marked the highest for any R&B female artists in over 3 years.

    With already so much going on for the 23-year-old, it’s no wonder Walker decided to retire early. Luckily, the singer has decided to continue pursuing her music career. Now the singer is looking forward to other opportunities, such as owning her own record label.

                Walker Is A Businesswoman At Heart

    via The Face

    Only in her 20’s, Summer Walker has accomplished more than most millennials. The “Come Thru” singer is taking the music scene by storm, having already worked with record breaking-artists like Drake and Usher. Even pop artists like Selena Gomez are begging for a collaboration. The world is basically eating out of the palm of her hands. With chart-topping R&B singer checked off of the list, Walker now wants to add businesswoman to her credentials.

    On Dec. 10, Walker announced that she’s launching her own record label Ghetto Earth Records. The “Playing Games” singer noted that she wants artists to have creative control over their own music. Basically, she’s encouraging artists to be their own boss, much like herself.

                Walker’s Protégé NO1-NOAH Praises Her

    The 23-year-old businesswoman has already chosen former collaborator NO1-NOAH as her first signed artist. The two once collaborated over Walker’s songs “White Tee” and “SWV” off her Life On Earth EP. By them working together so well in the past, NO1-NOAH was a no-brainer for Summer Walker. The feelings were mutual on NO1-NOAH’s side as well. “She’s really understanding of what a true artist is, as she is one herself. I’m free to create here and it’s always a great feeling as an artist to be able to make music for a team that gets the sound that you’re trying to create,” the artist raved about Summer Walker. A happy artist equals a happy record label and businesswoman.




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