Study finds Snapchat makes you happier than Facebook

Study finds Snapchat makes you happier than Facebook

A study by the University of Michigan assessed how 154 college students used their smartphones and found that, next to face-to-face interactions with people, the most “rewarding” communication happened through Snapchat.

“But instead, we found that Snapchat is typically being used to communicate spontaneously with close friends in a new and often more enjoyable way,” according to lead researcher Joseph Bayer at the University of Michigan.

This is the first study of its kind comparing Snapchat to Facebook.

The study asked participating students how they felt about using social media throughout the day, with questions like “How pleasant or unpleasant was your most recent interaction?” and “How close are you to that person?”

Interactions on Snapchat were “associated with more positive emotions than Facebook and other social technologies,” according to the study. A reason for respondents choosing Snapchat over Facebook was the “self-presentational” aspect of the latter social network.

So while you might become depressed after scrolling through and seeing engagement after engagement announcement on Facebook, Snapchat is just a place to be silly with your crew.


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