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    Stevie J Wants that Trick Ass Joseline Hernandez Thrown in Jail

    When Stevie J was fooling around with Joseline Hernandez, we bet he never pictured their life the way it is now.

    There once passionate love affair has now turned into the upside-down. Meaning, nothing is as it was. In comparison to how it used to be, now it’s all fighting all the time, endless court documents and public humiliation for the Stevie J Joseline Hernandez relationship.

    Possibly the only good thing to come out of the relationship was a check because Stevie and the Puerto Rican Princess’ love life was a big selling point for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchise (that Mona Scott is a leechy-genius). Not to mention, they went half on a baby.

    Little Bonnie Bella Hernandez is the 2-year-old symbol of their love, but also a huge reason why they’re fighting each other tooth and nail.

    Stevie J already sued Joseline for full custody of Bonnie, reports Bossip. Apparently, Stevie felt like Joseline was unfit to be a good mother to the child. And with all her track record of violence, he might not have been wrong. However, the family court didn’t decide in his favor.

    Instead, they allowed Joseline to continue as Bonnie’s primary caregiver. They did, however, grant Stevie visitation, with the option of visiting Bonnie in school, as well as staying over one night at a time.

    Though recently, Stevie claims Joseline violated the court’s agreement. Stevie says that during one of his visits to Miami, Joseline kept him away from his daughter on purpose. Now, Stevie is asking for a court to lock his baby momma up.

    He filed papers on July 29 to have her placed in contempt of court, and have her reimburse his travel and lawyer fees.

    He ain’t playing with that ass (at least not like before).

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