Stephon Marbury Is Right For Calling Out Michael Jordan For Overpriced Sneakers

Michael Jordan

Back in 2006, Stephon Marbury came out with a $15 sneaker line called “Starbury” for families who couldn’t afford expensive sneakers. Well he’s back! 

Stephon Marbury

Marbury took to Instagram to release a few new ideas for his sneaker line.

Stephon Marbury

He reportedly told Twitter that his shoes are made from the same exact factory that Michael Jordan sneakers are made, which can run anywhere from $150-$200.

He also took to Twitter stating that Michael Jordan is robbing people of their money or “robbing the hood” of their money and “sparking violence” as we know that their have been many brawls and alleged deaths over Jordan’s sneakers.

Stephon Marbury-1

Marbury went on to say that he is not trying to compete with Jordan but simply make sneakers affordable to those who may not have over $200 to pay for their sneakers.

If you ask me this is a wonderful idea. For a while now I have been saying that Jordan’s are overpriced.

People are pretty much just paying for a name. The fact that the sneakers came from Michael Jordan is what makes them such a hot commodity. People need to learn to pick quality over brands. Not saying that I am “anti Jordan,” but their is a larger picture to be seen here.

Making sneakers affordable for people to buy would put an end to our society feeling like they have to be in competition with each other and people spending their last just to make it seem like they have money.

One of Marbury’s tweets said :

Stephon Marbury-2

This is true ! Children especially get so discouraged when they can not get these Jordans because they feel like they are missing out on the fad.

I love the idea of $15 sneakers and wish Stephon Marbury nothing but success in this venture. No disrespect to MJ, but the $200 sneaker thing has to change.


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