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    Come At Stephen A. Smith Hairline All You Want… He Getting $10 Million A Year To Hate!!

    The Sports giant that is known as ESPN is looking to secure its top tier talent in a major way. That will possibly come with a price tag of $10 million dollars for Stephen A. Smith.

    When it comes to the world of sports entertainment, ESPN sits at the top of the mountain with sheer dominance. Sports Center has licensed from all major league sports that allow them to remain one of the largest in sports coverage. With there latest viewership continuing to grow via streaming, now more than ever persona is everything. Above all, ESPN’s top priority will be to secure the highly entertaining Stephen A. Smith with another exclusive contract. Andrew Marchan of the New York Post has reported that Smith could land a $10 Million dollar contract.

    The First Take co-host, currently has a radio show, along with additional commentary on the network. Currently, Stephen A Smith has two years remaining on his deal where he makes on average $5 million per year. There are currently plenty of rumors circulating that other networks will look to possibly sway Smith to land elsewhere. Marchand spoke the following regarding the possibilities:

    Smith has aspirations outside of sports. Smith could do a syndicated daily talk show, a game show, or — and this would be more risky — venture into politics. He also may want to be a producer of something to go along with his on-air work.

    These days, agents always point to digital players with deep pockets as potential alternatives. A place like DAZN, run by Smith’s former ESPN boss, John Skipper, could try to blow ESPN out of the water to see if Smith would leave for a walled-off, subscription-model world, but one that could possibly be insanely lucrative.

    Stephen A. Smith has been known to speak the truth, even if it comes at a cost of gripe with athletes. Everyone from Carmelo Anthony to Kevin Durant has called Stephen A. Smith out. Many also believe that Smith has a chance to reunite with his former co-host Skip Bayless who left ESPN after 12 years for a raise at Fox Sports. If the host manages to land the deal with ESPN, he would be the highest paid personality on the network.

    Is Stephen A. Smith worth $10 Million a year? Should he reunite with Skip Bayless? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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