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    Steelers Agree To Deal Brown to Raiders

    Raiders fans have plenty of reason to have major expectations this upcoming season.

    The Steelers have agreed to trade wide receiver Antonio Brown to the Raiders, in exchange for a third-round draft pick and 50.1 million dollars, with 30.1 of it in guaranteed money.

    The news was released by USA Today, late Saturday night. A person close to the situation reported it to USA Today. Brown tweeted a pic of himself in a Raiders jersey, along with a pic of himself and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, as teammates during the Pro Bowl. It was originally rumored that Antonio Brown could a Niner.

    All of last season Brown and the Steelers we’re at odds. Brown forced a trade towards the end of last season, and now he’ll get his wish. The trade doesn’t become official until the new league year begins on Wednesday. The athlete has come a long way from his troubled days. At one point. Late last year Brown was driving like he stole something. He was driving 100 mph in a 45 miles per hour zone. Luckily Brown didn’t face any serious charges.

    Brown’s resume is one of the most recognized in the NFL. Last season Brown had 1,297 receiving yards, along with 15 touchdowns. Brown is a 7-time pro bowler, a 2018 NFL receiving touchdowns leader.

    Brown joins a Raiders team who hasn’t had a 1,200 yard receiver since 2002, when the team had Jerry Rice. Will he live up to the hype with the raiders? Will he help the team win a championship?

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