StaySolidRocky Cements His Rising Star Status with “Party Girl”

StaySolidRocky Cements His Rising Star Status

StaySolidRocky Drops New Hit “Party Girl”

With a cult fanbase and a diverse set of skills, Richmond, VA based artist StaySolidRocky is one of the rap game’s most talented newcomers. Flashing his emotional side as a badge of armor, the 19-year-old rapper and songwriter has made it his signature staple to juxtapose lyrics about heartbreak with bright production and soulful melodies.

His breakout hit “Party Girl,” a confession of love for a girl who loves her lifestyle more than him, is a demonstration of his rich voice with an expressive tenderness of hardcore, emotional raps. Check out the video for “Party Girl” below.

Currently sitting at #6 on the global Soundcloud Top 50 and in the top 20 on Apple Music’s Top 200, “Party Girl” has also seen an explosive reaction on TikTok with over 1 Million videos using the song to date. StaySolidRocky is surely a new artist to keep your eyes and ears on. The video currently sits at over five million views on Youtube, two million of which, came within the last week.

Check out his other tracks on his SoundCloud, and stay up to date with what he’s up to by giving his Instagram a follow.

Final Thoughts

StaySolidRocky’s talent is clear. Thankfully his track “Party Girl” has started blowing up, so even more people will be able to hear what he has to offer.

What are your guy’s thoughts though?

Are you gonna be bumping the latest track by StaySolidRocky, “Party Girl”? What’d you think of the music video for the song? And are you a fan of his other songs like “Toxic” and “Soft Aggression”?


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