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    Stan Lee Helped His Daughter Create One Last Marvel Superhero

    Stan Lee, pioneer of Marvel Universe, died Monday, but not before helping to create one last superhero. Lee’s daughter, J.C. Lee, told TMZ that they had one last trick up their sleeves. Before he passed, Lee had been helping his daughter create Dirt man.

    J.C. couldn’t give much insight on the new hero, besides “it’s very interesting.” Lee and J.C. were working on the character’s development, and J.C. promises that fans can expect to see Dirt Man come to life in comics or on the big screen. In the meantime, J.C. will continue to work on Dirt Man, and promises to keep Lee’s love of creative arts alive. She plans to open a foundation in his memory. The proposed name is The Stan Lee Childhood Literacy Foundation, which will help children develop strong skills in reading and writing.

    Stan Lee was 95-years-old.


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