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    Stallion Minaj P*ssy Bumping.. Cardi Pissed!!

    The world of entertainment can surely be competitive. For the most part, it’s been a kill or be killed industry over the last several years.

    Despite plenty of rap beefs, every now and then it’s good to see that people can co-exist. Most recently two of the hottest female emcees have been hanging together. That’s right it’s safe to assume that Stallion Minaj p*ssy bumping just went to another level. This might be good for publicity, but bad for other competitive female emcees.

    Overall the two have been showing up on social media seemingly the best of friends. Hot Girl Summer is fully enacted, and that can’t be good for New York rapper Cardi B. In the latest scene the two were together drinking Moscato getting extra touchy with one another. We’ve seen Nicki get freaky on Instagram with her fiancee, so we know it’s nothing for her.

    Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion had a verbal altercation over The Bodak Yellow rapper not writing her own raps. It wasn’t long before the two would throw shots at one another. It only makes sense that two artists that have beef with Cardi would join forces. At the same time, this is probably also awkward for the streaming king Drake. Just last month Drake allegedly dropped a diss track on the Houston rapper after getting turned down. Furthermore, this two dropping music together would instantly send the hip hop community into a craze.

    In conclusion, what are your thoughts on the Stallion Minaj p*ssy bumping episode? Will they release a song together? Will Cardi drop a diss track about both of them? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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