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    St. Louis Couple Charged for Unlawful Use of Weapon

    A couple in St. Louis has drawn a lot of attention due to their response to protesters.

    Footage taken on June 28th shows the couple standing on their property, pointing guns at protesters as they walk by. Marc McCloskey, 63, is holding a semiautomatic rifle. Meanwhile, Patricia McCloskey, 61, holds a semiautomatic handgun.

    The couple was recently charged by the Circuit Attorney’s Office in St. Louis with unlawful use of a weapon. The charge is a Class E felony, carrying a possible penalty of up to four years in prison.

    This event has become a dividing topic in our nation.

    The couples’ story drew the attention of President Trump. Trump described the prosecution of the couple as a “disgrace”.
    Republican Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, also commented on the event. The Governor stated he would pardon the couple if they were to be convicted.

    The event has also resulted in discussion surrounding the National Rifle Association and gun laws. 

    Some individuals view this event as an example of the government finding ways to confiscate legally purchased guns. Fox News recently covered the story, suggesting the couples’ “display of weapons prevented violence, which is one of the purposes of the Second Amendment.”

    Fox News continued to discuss the incident in relation to the upcoming presidential election.

    The right-wing news source emphasized that this occurrence showed us “one of the many dangers of a Joe Biden presidency.”


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