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    Sperm Donor fathered 17 Kids, Suing the donor clinic

    According to CNN, Bryce Cleary was a medical student at Oregon Health Science University. He was approached by staff who thought he would be a good candidate to donate his sperm.

    Donating sperm has to be one of the most selfish yet sacrificial things you can do. Think about it, you beat your meat but its to help someone else bring a child into the world.  For one doctor in Oregon, his donations have been used more times then he thought they would be.

    Cleary was skeptical at first but after being promised that only 5 children would be produced from his sperm. He realized that he would be helping infertile couples accomplish a lifelong dream. He also was promised that all of the children would be located on the east coast, far from his wife and kids in Oregon to help limit the chance of intermingling

    Well, it turns out OHSU was lying to Cleary about how much his sperm would be used and where the children would be located because thanks to Ancestry,  the Oregon doctor has found out that he has fathered at least 17 children and most of them have been born in his home state of Oregon.

    Some of the Children like Allysen Alle began finding each other on Ancestry and reached out to their biological father. Once Cleary joined the site himself the number of children connected to him grew rather rapidly. Which caused an immediate red flag for the Oregon native.

    Now Cleary is Suing the university for fraud for a reported $5.25 million. He hopes to prevent anything like this from happening to anyone else.

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