Damn Chyna Those Southern Lips Gotta Be Getting Loose

Them lips have to be worn out.

Blac Chyna has made a come a long ways from being a shaking that ass on the pole.

The stripper turned business woman has made a name for herself. Regardless if that’s good or bad, Chyna is definitely making some power moves.

Recently she released a bleach cream product line, and created instant chaos on the internet. Even with a leaked sex tape, she still is moving forward in what she does.

Rumor has spread that now Black Chyna is dating/smashing a rapper by the name of Kid Buu.

It’s a sure thing that Black Chyna keeps her name relevant regardless of what’s going on. She stay with a new man every week.. And we’re sure they are smashing!!


Let’s start a petition for Chyna’s southern lips..Find Blac Chyna some love!!!


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