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    South Florida Wifisfuneral Reveals His Weakness On His New Track “Ahhh”

    South Florida rapper Wifisfuneral has his music career in the bag. At just 25-years-old, the rapper has garnished over 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and another 700,000 followers on his social media platforms. Additionally, he’s built a loyal fanbase from SoundCloud and secured himself a place on 2018’s XXL Freshman list. The guy is a force to be reckoned with. His dark sonics, wise beyond his years lyrics and great bass production make him a very sought-after artist. Wifisfuneral is now known for tracks like “333,” “Tris” and “Evil Weef.”

    The young emcee reputation has been grown throughout South Florida, especially Palm Beach. However, it’s been months since the rapper has blessed the music world with his tracks. Fortunately, Wifisfuneral returned onto the scene with his newest track “Ahhh” off his upcoming album 4 Month Binge Before Revenge.

    His New Track Goes Hard

    Clearly, Wifisfuneral differs from other rappers and wants to bring his uniqueness to the table. The South Florida native has already dropped so many great and versatile records, that it’s hard to keep up with. His latest offering “Ahhh” off his upcoming album definitely has a distinctive sound. Nonetheless, Wifisfuneral’s track also fits with the mainstream sound.

    Additionally, his rap flow comes off as effortless and versatile. While Wifisfuneral is full of aggression and braggadocio, he shows his softer underbelly after giving a self-reflection. “Tryna get out of my head, my weakness,” he raps. The song clearly has much to offer audiences. Even better, it’s a great first impression of his upcoming album, 4 Month Binge Revenge.

    Wifisfuneral Reveals The Darkest Parts Of Himself

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    When it comes to the South Florida native, he enjoys making dope songs. More than that, though, his projects sometimes reveal the darkest parts of himself. Given his previous track “333” the rapper isn’t afraid to delve into grim and frank confessionals. Furthermore, his new album definitely comes from a place of depression and self-medication, letting him expression his vulnerability. In talks about his upcoming record, Wifisfuneral stated, “I’m not able to be as vulnerable when I’m sober. When I’m under the influence, it’s easier to let it flow, it’s raw, it gets right out of my head.” Stay tuned for the upcoming album 4 Month Binge Revenge from the South Florida native.



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