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    Soulja Boy Was Just in It For the Pussy

    Well, that was quick…

    After what only seemed like a five-day work week, Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna are calling their whirlwind romance quits. Because apparently, the only glue holding their relationship together was their shared hatred for Tyga. And once that was over…well…there was nothing else left to help their love stand the test of time.

    At least, according to Blac Chyna there wasn’t. If you ask Soulja Boy, he was in it for something else. And apparently, TMZ did ask him. The publication caught up with Big Draco, and he tells them the explicit truth, via Twitter.

    “I just wanted to see what the pussy felt like,”

    According to HotNewHipHop, the two only wanted to inflict some revenge on Tyga, Chyna’s baby father, but it seems like Soulja kept his other intentions under wraps.

    So yeah…the two are no longer an item. However, it’s likely that neither of them really care anyway. Soulja has been linked to another mystery woman already, and BC is no stranger to replacing her men like you would a light bulb.

    Thoughts? Do you think Blac Chyna was using Soulja Boy for sex too? Do you think the two ever made it that far? Share your comment with us below.

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