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Soulja Boy Will Be Dickin Down Blac Chyna In No Time!!

It’s not the early 2000’s, but Soulja Boy is making a comeback in the world of celebrities.

Regardless if you liked the ringtone era or not, Soulja boy was that guy back in the day. The rapper made an amazing impact on the world of music. At one point he managed to sell one million ringtones from “Crank That Soulja Boy”. Furthermore, him being a teenager at the time became an instant millionaire.

Young Draco has been the center of attention lately in the world of entertainment. Just last year Soulja Boy inked a deal with Canadian company Entertainment One. Overall it seems as though the Atlanta rapper is ready to pick up where he left off. One thing for sure, the millionaire knows how to make money. In 2018, he also managed to get his own new game console “Soulja Game”.

One of the biggest memes in 2019 is from when Young Draco went on a rant. The infamous rant took place on “The Breakfast Club”. He made sure to drag the unholy fuck out of Kanye, Drake, and Tyga during the interview. Most recently he was caught close up on Blac Chyna in the club. The former stripper has made a name for herself  with upcoming rapper dickin her down. Soulja made sure to post pics of him and Chyna on his Instagram.

Is Soulja trying to draw attention to himself? Or is he really dickin down Blac Chyna? Leave your comments below, and be sure to follow

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