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    Soulja Boy Claims He Started The “Big” Trend In Hip Hop

    Some stars like to take credit for everything that exists in the entertainment industry. It’s not enough to own luxury homes or take expensive vacations and be happy. At least, that’s true for Soulja Boy. Yet again, Draco has demanded credit for supposedly pioneering another trend in HipHop. The rapper has already claimed ownership over several things, including starting TikTok and Instagram. Though, this time Soulja Boy swears up and down that he started the trend where rappers add “big” to their stage name.

                The Rapper Literally Takes Credit For Everything

    via XXL Mag

    When it comes to Soulja Boy, the man must put his name on everything. No matter if it’s shoes or a style of music, Soulja Boy takes ownership. Recently, the “She Make It Clap” emcee took to Instagram Live claiming that he’s the reason why rappers started using the word in their stage names.

    According to the rapper, he’d been the first to put the word in front of his name. “Big Soulja. Big Draco, I got everybody saying big. I got everybody putting big in front of their name,” he told his thousands of followers. The rapper has indeed been referred to as Big Draco and Big Soulja over the years. Additionally, he even released a 2017 album titled Big Draco. At this point, Soulja Boy is just pulling straws. The guy might as well take credit for starting the “Lil” trend too, which seems have made a massive comeback in the HipHop world.

                Draco Did Not Start The “Big” Trend

    via Urban Island

    While Draco may have pioneered many things throughout HipHop, he in fact, did not start the trend. Several rappers have taken on the name long before Mr. Draco came onto the scene.

    One fan named a few emcees carrying the attribute in their stage name. “You mean Big Pun and Big Boi,” the fan wrote in the comments. Other examples include Big Daddy Kane and Big L. Even Notorious B.I.G himself started using the word. Clearly, Big Draco doesn’t know his stuff as well as he thinks he does.


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