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    Soulja Boy Claims Everyone In The Rap Game Is Gay

    While many stars in the hip hop community have “come out” to the world, homophobia still runs rampant. Unfortunately, many rap stars have been outwardly aggressive and condemning to those who’ve “come out” to the world. Rappers like Badazz Boosie and Dababy have made controversial comments toward the LGBTQ community. Now it seems that Soulja Boy has jumped on the bandwagon after claiming that everyone in the rap community is gay. 

    Drako Thinks The Rap Community Is Gay

    Recently, Drako took to social media to gain himself some five minutes of spotlight time. When it comes to the “She Make It Clap” rapper, he’ll do just about anything for fame. As mentioned before, the early 2000s rapper made a controversial comment that raised a lot of eyebrows. 

    During a recent Instagram Live rant, Draco claimed he’s one of the “last straight rap stars in the game.” On the other hand, everyone else is a homosexual. For the most part, Drako seemingly fired shots at NBA YoungBoy again, attempting to reignite their beef. No names came up, but Soulja Boy described his targeted individual as someone who paints their nails and lives a double-life. Draco seems to be making more enemies than friends these days. 

    Badazz Bossie Tells Him To Chill Out

    Soulja Boy apparently doesn’t like the “diversity of rappers” in the rap community. Of course, people had plenty to say about the rapper’s latest controversial comments. Even Badazz Boosie himself offered his two cents. Though, rather than side with Drako, he instead rejected his claim. 

    “EVERYBODY AINT GAY @souljaboy U KNOW WHO STAND ON BUIZNESS FOR THE REAL GANGSTERS #boosiebadazz CANT LET U SAY THAT MY N***A U KNOW IM 100 emoji MY G #onbleek,” the rapper tweeted on Twitter this past Friday. We have to say, we didn’t see that one coming. 

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