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    Soulful UK Songstress Ajia Brings The Old Skool Vibes Back With New EP ‘VISIONS’

    In a volatile world increasingly defined by the brash and the crude. 22 year old Londoner Ajia delivers her debut EP “Visions” which is pure, smooth, classy and sassy. The production is tight and slick.

    Indebted in both vintage 90’s Rnb and contemporary modern soul. This body of work will surely elevate Ajia to the attention of the masses.

    ” Visions is an EP that brings the old skool vibes back” – Ajia

    If you have Spotify, you can stream “Visions” here:

    The EP produced by multi talented Ryan Price includes previous releases Real Love with its jazz postulations, layered harmonies and Flavourswhich talks about unity. The singles have been heavily championed by the likes of Dummy Magazine,This Is Rnb,Kiss FM and most of the specialist radio stations.

    Along with four new tracks which range from the opening uptempo Hype to the neo soul fused So Good. Ajia delivers sweet soulful quality vocals and deep meaningful lyrics.

    At present the UK seems to be producing a few quality soulful singers . Ajia easily fits into that mould. That wondrous voice of hers alone will ensure she has a long career ahead of her.

    Let Ajia transport you into the golden era of music above and stay connected here!

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