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    Songs Named After Foods to Eat Edibles To

    These days, marijuana edibles can be made by combining cannabis-oil or butter with just about any food item. Luckily, there are plenty of songs about dishes to fuel our food and marijuana experimentation. Check out this list of some of the best songs to eat edibles to.

    1. No Dough to Mo’ Dough

    “I fiends for ‘cheddar’ like a smoker with a sweet tooth!” Of course, this song actually describes the rappers’ quest for money. Cheese and dough are; however, also some of the potential ingredients a stoner might use to make pizza edibles.

    2. He’s So Sweet!

    Based on the way he describes it, Lil Wayne’s love must be similiar to the effects of cannabis. “I make her feel right when it’s wrong like lyin’.” Lollipop edibles are a great way to “make it juicy for ya.”

    3. Let’s Lose our Minds

    “See you lickin’ frostin’ from your own hands!” THC-laced cake is best when shared. And, the best location to share such a cake is at the beach.

    4. Baby, Don’t Lose Me Now

    Sometimes relationships fail. “Aren’t you the one that’s supposed to pick me up when I fall?” During times of retreat and self-reflection marijuana can ease the solitude, especially cotton candy edibles.

    5. We Love Marijuana

    “Oh, oh, luxury.” Edibles can be savery too. That means that those who partake can stay healthy and lit at the same time. What a winning combination!

    How do you like to enjoy edibles? Do you prefer to smoke? Let us know by leaving a comment.



    1. Love that video with Ice Cube- lyrics & beat are sativa!
      Jessie Reyez song feels pretty indica!
      Personally, I prefer to smoke.
      Eating anything more than a gummy messes up my digestive system.

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