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    Somalia Shares Her Lyrical Journey, Discusses New Single ‘Mirror’

    What an honor it is to be in the virtual presence of such a lively artist, Somalia. Somalia is an R&B bombshell out of Atlanta, Georgia and she’s here for the taking. She talks to us with her dreadlocks hanging over her shoulder and a neon sign of her name on the wall behind her. Somalia presents “The Somalia Show” She is ready at all times to share her talents and endeavors.

    Meet Somalia.

    Who is Somalia?

    Somalia: Somalia is a singer and songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia. She does R&B soul music. She is a sister with a kind heart, and she is a daughter. I’ve been singing since I was ten. I began with performing arts and theater, transitioning into writing music and poetry. Now, Somalia is a Spelman graduate who produces music full-time.

    What is your background in music?

    S: Like most artists, I started singing at my grandmother’s church, then I started getting into writing more poetry. Then, I noticed that I heard melodies in my head. I got my songbook, joined chorus in school. Then, from that point on, I knew I was a performer. I kept writing and singing, continuing throughout school. I put out my first project my sophomore year of college.

    At what point did you realize music was your passion?

    S: A singing competition. The Gift, an inspiration of McDonald’s. After many attempts and losing, I finally hit the stage to perform as a winner. Reaching 2500 people for my first performance, that’s when I was enlightened. The stage is my home— I feel safe there.

    What is the inspiration behind you new single, ‘Mirror’?

    S: “Mirror” is a new song on my newest project—Party of One. It is the first song off of the album. I wanted to create a song where I feel the most confident and the most comfortable. Sometimes, that’s at home in the mirror. Having a chill night at home, enjoying yourself.

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    What are the challenges with navigating the music industry in Atlanta?

    S: Being able to find your specific tribe. Atlanta is known for the hip-hop culture, so finding the right crowd when it comes to R&B and Neo-soul is so important. The beautiful thing about that is, when you do find those people, they’re going to support you. Atlanta is that way. Indeed, they are going to come out for you.

    What artists and producers do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

    S: Timbaland is at the top of my list. Missy Elliot, the whole Virginia camp because definitely Pharell. I love D Mile. That’s my goal for now. I love producers that write and produce.

    Tell us how you stayed inspired during the pandemic.

    S: Taking a lot of time practicing mindfulness. As an indie artist, we’re always planning for the next thing. We are doing multiple things at one time. I take a lot of time being in the moment. Not getting so caught up in unforeseen things. Enjoying the blessings of the seeds you’ve sown.

    What message do you try to send to anyone who listens to your music?

    S: To always love yourself. I want to be able to be relatable. It’s always love. How someone can feel empowered by my music.

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    What do you like to do in your free time? 

    S: I am a good cook, I love to hang out with my pet cat, Dre. I’m definitely a cat person. Going to brunches around Atlanta with my friends—that’s our thing. I love listening to music, drinking wine and chilling out by myself.

    Do you have any projects you want to talk about?

    S: Of course, an album, Party of One coming out in March. Just released “Mirror”, it highlights different black female Hollywood icons from the 50s and 60s. In April, I’m going on my first album release tour. I will be going to New York, DC, Atlanta and Nashville. I’ve been manifesting this for a long time.

    How can the people find you?

    S: Indeed, they can find me on Instagram @thesomaliashow.


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