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    Solo Drew Follows ‘Baby’ With Emotional New Song ‘Steppa’

    There is an 2022 artist to watch, showing glimpses of greatness right now from Queens. Meet Solo Drew.

    The “Steppa” Visual

    In “Steppa,” directed by ACP Visuals, produced by Bogey Beats, Solo Drew reveals his plans for the future. He shares what he has been through in the past. Solo Drew does this with a crew of head bussas ready to bring it to the haters at any moment.

    Between the food run and street antics, Drew effortlessly flexes with originality, smash-mouth aggression and honesty. The single is one part of a bigger journey for rising talent, embracing the genre of hip-hop and adding his own contagious flow to the mix.

    His EP Release

    “Steppa” follows an impactful 2021 for Solo Drew who released a notable mention EP in 2020 with Yours Truly and a buzzing collaboration project with TQ, called Twin Slidin’ over the summertime. All leading up to his anticipated performance at the popular Coast 2 Coast showcase, which will be making stops in major markets like New York City and Atlanta.

    Watch the new visual above and stream the new single below.



    Andrew Burton is a twenty-one-year-old artist, from Queens, New York. His father hails from Trinidad and his mother from Jamaica. Known also as Solo Drew, he is making music that shows New York is still the place to be.The early days for him were filled with various music genre influences, ranging from hip-hop and soca to reggae and R&B. With many artists inspiring his industry journey, R&B legend Chris Brown was a standout, influencing not only his music but artistic direction as well. It was almost inevitable that Andrew would find his heart delving towards music. His father has also worked his way up through the music industry running his own label and much more. Witnessing this work inspired Andrew to be a part of it as well. He also boasts about having the best possible support to turn his dreams into a reality. With the release of his debut single “Baby”, the legacy of Solo Drew is just getting started.


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