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    Solange Spends Time With Local YouTube Sensation–Kiara Nelson

    For some people, meeting their favorite celebrity is often an embarrassing experience. Sometimes the words do not come quick enough, causing some to lose the opportunity to speak to their idols. However, that was not the case for YouTube sensation, Kiara Nelson who admits she froze, got lightheaded and even cried. Fortunately for her, she regained her composure long enough to hug Solange and “embrace the moment.”

    “Then, I introduced myself,” Kiara says, “and told her how much she’d helped me with her music…Then, I asked her to say my outro.”

    “Hi, this is Solange here and thanks for spending time with Ki,” Solange giggles as Kiara records her.

    Solange was not just there for discourse and pictures, though, apparently she also had a mission.
    Local YouTube Sensation Kiara Nelson 1
    The artist encouraged each attendee stay motivated and to follow his or her dreams. She also bought 250 books from the store to hand out to everyone who came.

    Kiara recalls the book she was given, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit by Queen Afua. The cover features an afro-wearing woman, ironically reminiscent of Solange’s hit single Don’t Touch My Hair.

    “It was really significant because my friend and I were talking about ordering them and then we saw them at Sankofa, we were about to buy them not knowing she was giving them away,” Kiara explains, “It holds significance to me because I have a lot of self-healing to accomplish, and I’m hoping the book can assist me.”

    Check out the full footage above.

    Written by Judayah Murray


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