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    Solange Knowles’ New Album Is On The Way

    Nowadays people will do anything to have their five minutes of fame. Some will brag about stealing from a celebrity. Others will even accuse a star of allegedly impregnating them. In particular, Solange Knowles son Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. found himself in the middle of a baby scare melodrama. Unfortunately, the R&B singer’s name trended all over the Internet because of the incident. Luckily, Solange Knowles new album will help overshadow her son’s relationship problems.

    The Singer Teases New Album

    Solange Knowles
    Master P, Solange via Ebony Magazine

    There’s a such thing as bad press for one’s image. For instance, Solange Knowles’ son Julez and his girlfriend Adore went through a rough patch in their relationship. Recently, the young couple went viral after Adore claimed that she’s now pregnant with Julez’ child.

    It wasn’t long before Knowles found herself trending on social media but for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, the drama with her son won’t be the only thing people talk about in the coming weeks.

    Recently, the Saint Heron singer and rapper Master P shared a video clip of them working on a new project together. In recent years, many have speculated that Solange Knowles has been working on a new album. The video shared on social media obviously proves that the project is in full swing. Additionally, Master P even mentioned that fans can expect a possible live performance of a song off the album on April 22 in New Orleans. Looks like Solange Knowles will be making a huge comeback.

    Solange Knowles’ Long Hiatus

    Solange Knowles
    Solange via

    It’s been a minute since fans heard any new material from Beyonce’s private sister. Her last album When I Get Home, released back in 2019, caused a huge buzz. Obviously, the pandemic delayed and even stopped most album productions. Though, it seems likely that Solange Knowles’ next album will be just as successful as her last.


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