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    Cactus Jack’s SoFaygo Debut Album Is Missing Something

    TikTok is truly something that will be ingrained in internet history due to its major impact. I haven’t seen an app employ that many creators since Vine. The only difference is that Vine was helping internet comedians get jobs, but TikTok is helping artists get deals in record-breaking times. One of the best examples of this has to be Atlanta rapper, SoFaygo.

    Before TikTok became what it is today. Not too many people could say they were too familiar with SoFaygo. But all it took was for him to go viral, for him to lock in a deal with Travis Scott and his label imprint “Cactus Jack”. Now, remember that all of these events took place closer to the beginning of the pandemic. This means fans have still been unpatiently waiting for his long-awaited debut album, Pink Heartz, for a decent amount of time.

    Just a TikTok Rapper?

    Luckily, that time has finally come, and SoFaygo finally delivered his debut. Did he beat the “more than a TikTok rapper” allegations? Well, not really, but I have ample evidence to back up what I am saying. When you make fans wait up to 2 years, you aren’t doing anything but digging a deeper hole for yourself.

    Life is all about having realistic expectations. Listeners can’t help but have unrealistic expectations for this album, for the long wait, something SoFaygo is unable to live up to. He starts things with “Transparency”. The rest of this project might sound stale, but I have to say the intro is pretty solid. I can tell it’s one of the few songs that will age well.

    What’s Even Happening?

    Sadly, I can’t say that same statement for every song. I have to mention that the features that were chosen were absolutely boring. Besides “Hell Yeah” (ft Ken Carson) & “Slip” (ft Don Tolliver), everything else feels mailed in. For example, on track #13, “Took Off”, SoFaygo taps in with fellow ATL artist Gunna. Nothing too crazy, other than the insane production by Pharrell. But the song is immediately ruined by “Mr. Annoying” himself, DJ Khaled. Hearing Khaled yell “WE THE BEST!”, just feels so out of place. How was there room for this, but not any songs with his label owner? At the bare minimum, there should’ve been at least one track featuring Travis Scott.

    The sad thing about SoFaygo is that he is actually talented, but this album isn’t. This project doesn’t necessarily allow him to truly make something unique. But instead, this album checks off all the boxes needed to be accepted into the mainstream.




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