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    Everyone Is About To Snap!! It’s Google’s Fault That Snapchat Glitches Continue

    One of the biggest social media apps currently in high demand took a huge hit over the weekend. The app that is known as Snapchat, faced major glitches thanks in part to Google.

    Outside of the Snapchat dysfunction, Google’s applications such as Youtube and Gmail also faced disruption. Furthermore, services such as Uber and Discord was also not functioning properly. For the most part, all of the services have returned to normal. However, there are still thousands of Snapchat users unable to log back into their profile.

    Snapchat Glitches

    Currently, the ongoing issues still provide plenty of concerns as those in Australia and Europe might be unaware of the outage because of sleeping. The social media app took to Twitter to address the ongoing issues.

    “We’re aware of an issue preventing some Snapchatters from using the app,” it wrote, alongside an upset emoji. “Hang tight!”

    Over 100,000 frustrated took to Twitter to express the negative impact that would take place if not fixed. One of which is streaks that in return rewards users. The platform continues to generate mass revenue from short stories and the marketability of showcasing products.

    In conclusion, how frequently do you use Snapchat? Are you still experiencing Snapchat glitches? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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