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Kanye Ain’t All There.. But He’s Smashing Kim Kardashian..Lucky Dog!!

Yeezy may be the greatest because of who he is smashing!!

Over the years we have constantly asked ourselves why is Kim Kardashian with Kanye West. We don’t have the exact answer, but maybe because it’s his money or creativity.

Either way from looking at the pictures below, we came to the conclusion that Mr. West is a lucky man. After all he’s hitting that, and we know the pussy good from the looks of it!!

Last week Kim Kardashian showed that she was a rider. She jumped in the beef between her husband and drake. Twitter made it known that Kim Kardashian ain’t having it.

It just looked really bad when Kanye ran to avoid questions about Drake.

Salute to Kanye for smashing that and taking care of his family.. Well as far as we know!



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[…] Kanye ain’t all there, but he still smashing Kim Kardashian, and we consider him a lucky dog. Just yesterday it was announced that Kim won’t need to pop that coochie for a fourth child. The married couple will be having a fourth child through a surrogate. The news comes at a wonderful time, as just a few weeks ago The West family was at a disagreement with Drake.  Drake ain’t no bitch, but Kim Kardashian ain’t having it, and took up for her husband. Overall, Kim will continues to be build her brand, regardless of the negativity surrounding her history. The business… Read more »

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