Top Slots With A Musical Theme

Top Slots With A Musical Theme
Top Slots With A Musical Theme (2)

Top Slots With A Musical Theme

If you love music but also love to gamble then you should know that there are slot games out there with musical themes. These little pieces of tech can allow you to rock out while you win some cash. Here are our top picks for musical slots.

The Jimi Hendrix Slot

Undoubtedly one of the legends of rock out there, Jimi Hendrix takes the starring role in this slot game. We’re surprised that this is an officially licenced product, as his family are notorious for knocking back deals to protect his image.

Developers NetEnt have done an amazing job in creating this slot, as it’s the kind of high quality creation that we expect from them. The bonus rounds are all based on Hendrix songs and there’s a hippy quality to the graphics. It’s a bit psychedelic, just like the deceased singer.

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 Elton John

While we don’t admit it that often, everyone loves a bop along to an Elton John song. This game mirrors his classic sense of style and puts it onto the reels. It’s flamboyant, colourful and everything else that you would expect from a game based on him.

There are some spiffy bonus features in there to keep players winning big too. Playing slots online is an anonymous pursuit, so you don’t need to worry about others finding out about your secret penchant for his music.

Guns N Roses

Another one of the most popular rock slots is Guns N Roses Slot, which is another of the online casinos creations from NetEnt. The music that features in this game comes from their catalogue of greatest hits and you control the setlist too.

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There are a squad of bonus features in this game too, the wild symbols will be sure to help you out with a bunch of big wins. Cross your fingers and you might even make your way into the bonus round! This game isn’t just aesthetically awesome, it’s super rewarding too.

Elvis The King

Whatever your thoughts are on Elvis, you can’t dispute that he was one of the most influential figures in recent history. It’s only natural that veteran developers IGT would seek to immortalise him in this slot game, which is packed with musical goodies.

The bonus features are all based on his songs, one of the best is the Jailhouse Rock feature. The game really embodies the bad boy spirit of this artist and shows him in a new light. Even if you’re not a big Elvis fan, you can appreciate the potential jackpots that this game can bring.

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ZZ Top

While this band may not be known for that many of their singles, they do have a very distinct style. The ZZ Top slot has a lot of flair and embodies the style that the band are best known for. They still tour to this day, so you can use this jackpot game to help you to win some cash for your next ticket to their concerts.

There we have it! These are our current favourite musical slots but we could see new ones coming along to knock them off the top spot. Who would you like to see in the next musical themed slot? We can think of more than a few artists that we’d love to see coming along in this format.


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