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    Skyy Tryna F*ck Producer Of Black Ink??

    Black Ink is one of the most outrageous shows on television. The VH1 series highlights the urban culture within the tattoo industry.

    The cast members on the reality tv shows are wild and unpredictable to the core. Despite the talented artist, the nightlight and altercations help to keep the ratings coming in. Out of the show, Skyy is one of the most outlandish personalities to enter the franchise. To no surprise, it’s being rumored that Skyy tryna f*ck producer of the show.

    The male producer is allegedly claiming that she sexually harassed him after the two had a disagreement. Furthermore, she is being accused of making sexual claims against him to her friends over social media. The reality tv star has not been the best when it comes to the department of love. Above all, throughout her tenure in the show, Skyy has not handled rejection too well, and often times ends up putting her hands on people.

    Sky Tryna F*ck Producer of Black Ink?

    Now the situation between the cast member and producer has gotten way out of hand. In addition, the producer has bumped up his concerns to the higher up of the show, and it seems to be getting serious. Furthermore, there are rumors that Skyy even went through his DM’s arguing with several women.

    In conclusion, do you think Skyy tryna f*ck producer? Is she getting charges pressed against her? Will she be kicked off Black Ink? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/ 2018 Getty Images

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