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    Skizzy Mars releases second single of 2018 “American Dream”, announces spring tour

    Skizzy Mars, 24 and from Harlem New, York, has officially launched “#skizzyseason,” with his pre-tour roll out (and what I assume to be pre-album as well) of singles “2006”, “American Dream”, and officially announcing he’s going back on the road in April.

    Skizzy Mars releases second single
    Photo courtesy Skizzy Mars)

    Skizzy’s last tour show was his and I’s sole encounter, occurring in Philadelphia at The Coda April of 2016, the last city on his 40-city Alone Together tour. We’re looking forward to seeing Skizzy back in the city of brotherly love April 13th at the TLA on his Are You Ok? Tour. To buy tickets for the tour, click here.

    Based on a cryptic Twitter exchange, it appears singer/songwriter Pheobe Ryan will open for Skizzy.

    Based on a cryptic tweet from Garrett, a graphic designer that frequently collaborates with Skizzy, it appears he designed the tour poster. Drummer Dave Briggs will accompany Skizzy on tour as well.

    “Skizzy season approachin’, fuck whatever y’all been playin,” Mars said in the first verse of his 2014-track “Too Ill”. “Fuck what, fuck whatever blogs are sayin’./I’m the illest nigga on this fuckin’ continent.”

    (This blog effs with you, Skizzy!)

    Since his secret rehab stint in June of 2016, Skizzy was one of three artists recognized by Billboard & W Hotel the following October for their Next Up: New Artists New Music series at their Minneapolis Showcase.

    “The new music is going to expand because life has expanded,” Skizzy said. “I’ve experienced a lot of things. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown. I’ve met new people that inspire me, I’m working with new people. I think my next album is really just going to be a momentum step in my maturation as an artist, just my evolution.”

    In addition, Skizzy’s played shows here and there to stay busy. Since the release of his debut-album Alone Together until January of 2018, the only songs Skizzy appeared on were “College Girls”, as a feature on P-Lo‘s More Than Anything album, and loose single “She Knows” (feat. Take A Daytrip) last year.

    During the first week of January, Skizzy released (what I expect to be his forthcoming album’s lead single) “2006”. Shortly thereafter, Skizzy released (what I expect to be a promotional single) “American Dream”. The latter premiered on Complex. Skizzy said he’s rapping on the single about his glo up and his childhood, having grown up as the “only black kid at this table”, as he rapped on 2015-track “Mine” as a feature on Phoebe Ryan’s Mine EP.

    “They gon’ let me in this club in these dirty vans/clean money, I count stacks with these dirty hands,” Skizzy said on the chorus. “Do a show, copped a rack with my new advance/50 bands, 80 bands, 100 bands.”

    “New money, now I’m in the Benz truck with a new honey,” Skizzy said on the second verse. “Yeah, they said I wouldn’t make it I’m like ‘you funny’/laughing at my haters like ‘you dummies’, the night is young, girl, what can you do for me.”

    To stream “American Dream”, click here.

    While an unnamed source said Skizzy’s second album was to be released by the end of 2017, we’re glad the voice of the youth’s officially back. Now that we know where he is, and that’s making music, Skizzy’s quest to change the music industry is back on. While it’s unclear if Skizzy ever went back to rehab for a second stint, in due time, hopefully he can offer words of encouragement for others dealing with substance abuse through his music.


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