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    SNL Skit..Another Nigga In The White House ..!!

    Nothing like making fun of the President!

    Trump has continued to create news surrounding his term.

    Saturday Night Live, has been delivering hysterical comedy a while now.

    Therefore, one of their flagship is providing comedic commentary. SNL continues to focus on relevant topics in news.

    The feature skit is “Those Trumps”.

    The SNL spoof took shots at Trump. The twist was if his family if they were African-American.

    Kenan Thompson lead the way playing the Chief and Commander.

    From the opening scene, we knew we were in for good time. The Skit covers everything like Russia, Stripper and campaign money.

    Plenty of laughs and probably truth in the skits. For instance, watch the clip and give your feedback!! What are your thoughts?? Did they go too far??

    Above all, what else can we expect from Kenan Thompson and the SNL team??

    Stay tune to for the latest in culture and music news.


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