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    Joel Embiid & Sixers Burden Of Proof

    The Sixers are pretty far past the infamous “Trust The Process” phase in their team development. Last year around this time, it was evident that the Sixers needed to produce results.

    The beloved NBA franchise out of Philadelphia has struggled since the departure of the legendary Allen Iverson. Since then we’ve seen brilliant stretches from the team, however, it seems as though season after season they’ve just came up short. That narrative changed when the addition of star point guard Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid came into play. The two big men have managed to create a culture that rises above the subpar NBA teams in the league. Not seen as an elite team, the Sixers have proved that they are more than able capable to match up against the premier scorers in the league.

    Sixers Burden of Proof

    This season Sixers GM Elton Brand has surely pushed the team to be worthy contenders in the race for a Championship. Brand was able to facilitate two separate deals that landed the team swingman Jimmy Butler, along with the scoring ability of Tobias Harris. Now the true test is if the Sixers will be able to win in a conference that is absent from LeBron James for the first time in nearly 15 years. If the Sixers look to make a statement, then this is the time as Butler and Harris are on one-year deals.

    Embiid is one of the best at his current position and proves to be more than a problem for most teams. Most teams find a mismatch in there line up when the Sixer’s center is fully healthy. Thus far the team has managed to take a 2-1 lead over Kawhi Leonard’s raptors who are the number two seed. Now the Sixers will have to attempt to close out a formidable team who will surely fight to even the series in game 4. Sixer’s burden of proof will take place in their ability to execute in this round.

    Featured Image Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images 2017


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