Sint Maarten Leader’s Blunt Message To Citizens Goes Viral

Straight to the point

Getting others to listen can be quite a challenge. As a parent, making sure your kids stay in line can be a day to day task. It can be exhausting, frustrating, and confusing. And the worst part is that no matter what you do, someone will always find a flaw in your methods. Now imagine being the parent to thousands upon millions of people. That is what it feels like when you lead a country. And when the people you are supposed to guide don’t listen to you, it makes it that much harder to do your job properly. Especially when you’re dealing with a pandemic. So Silveria Jacobs, who is the prime minister of Sint Maarten, had a message to send to her people on dealing with the Corona Virus. And both the Island along with the rest of the world felt it.

Sint Maarten Leaders

Earlier this week, Jacobs had this to say to the people of her nation.

“Stop moving. Simply stop moving.”

“If you do not have the type of bread you like in your house, eat crackers. If you do not have bread, eat cereal, eat oats, sardines,”

“You’re supposed to have a two-week supply for hurricanes, and at the beginning of this I said, ‘prepare your disaster kit as if you were for a hurricane.'”

Sometimes tough love is the best kind of love. Especially when it’s a do or die situation such as this. Hopefully, the people of Sint Maarten, and the rest of the world, follow the advice Jacobs has given her nation.

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