Nigerian American singer-songwriter Olawumi releases “Alone” Video

Nigerian American singer

Born in New Jersey, Nigerian-American Olawumi, 24, born Hillary Olawumi, officially began her music career with the release of 4-track EP Noir produced mainly by local composer Cloud Atrium in May of 2014.

The R&B/Soul artist has gone on to release 10 more tracks since, all eclipsing at least 5,900 plays on her Soundcloud page in addition to 1,700 followers.

A stand out track in Olawumi’s young career is “Alone” produced by NBHD Nate, released three months ago. Hailing from Brooklyn, NBHD Nate is a New Jersey based music producer, artist and co-founder of the Neighborhood Stock alongside partner Jonathan Gomez, a skateboarding and music collective.

The track is about her first love, and the realization- like many- your first love isn’t usually your last love.
With the help of music director Briggs, Olawumi and her creative direction, released the visual for “Alone” last week on her YouTube channel, and have amassed just over 800 views in that span.

The Afro-futuristic themed video highlights the things that make Olawumi who she is: appearing to be always on the phone, always laughing and smiling, and excitedly loud with nail file in her hand should she ever need to use it.

The video focuses on visuals to please your visual stimuli with an emphasis placed on color-blocking with a minimalism approach. Indeed, more often that not, less is more.

“I had a lot of fun making this video,” Olawumi said. ” We wanted something fun, funny, and real. I feel like a lot of the time my music is too sad, or too serious for a fun video, so I was excited to finally kick back and be my other self; the silly, colorful Olawumi.”

The video even caught the eye of the fader who praised Olawumi’s “glowing pink paradise music video set”.

A change of pace from her usual sad, serious music, Olawumi said, you can check out the video here.


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