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    Singer Ishawna Calls Out T.I For Insulting Short-Haired Women

    Since T.I hasn’t made a hit song in the last few years, he seems focused on making controversial comments. The ATL star found himself caught in the crosshairs of DaBaby’s homophobic controversy. Even before then, the rapper landed himself in hot water by his own wrong doing, such as the sexual assault case earlier this year. Recently, the actor and rapper got himself in trouble once again, when he insulted short-haired women on social media. Though, dancehall singer Ishawna called out T.I and put him in his place.

                T.I Makes Insensitive Remark About Short-Haired Women

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    via Esquire

    On Friday, T.I took to Instagram to make some very unpopular opinions known to the world. His main argument being that he feels bothered by “some women bearing long eyelashes and short hair.” As if patting himself on the back, the rapper added in the caption, “There I said it. Been holding that in for a while now.” The Whatever You Like rapper clearly didn’t think his comment all the way through. Though, people made sure to call out the rapper for his “short-haired women” comment. Even Tiny, T.I’s wife, had plenty to say to her husband via social media. Obviously, T.I said the wrong thing.

                Outspoken Dancehall Singer Calls Out T.I

    calls out
    via DancehallMag

    Among the throws of female followers who called out T.I, was dancehall singer Ishawna who made sure to “keep it real” with the rapper. Obviously not one to bite her tongue, the dancehall singer took to her Instagram story to call him out. Though, rather than taking the high road, the singer decided to hit T.I below the belt by insulting his wife, Tiny. “So how Tiny face weh fava crush linen nuh bother boy?!” Unfortunately, Tiny became an unwilling participant in the discussion when fans started commending Ishawna for her comeback. Some even found it hilarious, though we’re pretty sure Tiny didn’t find it humorous one bit.



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