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    Singer Demi Lovato Claps Back at President trump in New song Commander in Chief

    The world may know this young star from Disney’s channel hit show, “Sonny with a Chance,” but this budding singer has blossomed into a full-grown woman with a lot to say. Recently, Demi Lovato released her new song, Commander in Chief, in response to President Trump.

    The diss track which premiered during the Billboard awards had fans in a tizzy. Lovato is one of the many artists using her massive platform to spread a power and urgent message. And that message is to get out and vote.

    Haters were quick to bash the singer, stating, this new song would ruin her career and that they were ashamed to be “Lovatics.”  She quickly fired back writing on her social media page, “This is for anyone that wants to silence me.”  In a detailed post she explains that she is a human and has a right to her own opinion. She goes on to say that she will never be the type of artist fans want or expect her to be. Snapping back, she declared, “As much as I would like to be sad that I. disappointed you, I am too bust being bummed that you expected me, a queer Hispanic woman to silence my views/beliefs in order to please my audience.”

    In the song Lovato sends a crystal-clear message to Donald Trump. She poses the question, “Commander in Chief, honestly, if I did the things you do, I couldn’t sleep.”

    “Seriously, do you even know the truth? We’re in a state of crisis, people are dying, while you line your pockets deep.”

    Wow those are deep and powerful lyrics. To listen to Demi Lovato’s latest song and to watch her music video, click here.


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