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    Singer Coi Leray Got In A Car Accident But Made Sure Her Family Had A Good Christmas

    Christmas was a little odd this year, given the novel pandemic. Though, that didn’t stop celebrities from making the best out of the holiday. Rising emcee and singer Coi Leray made sure her family had a good Christmas this year. The 23-year-old had plans to complete her gift giving deliveries on Christmas Eve but they were caught short by a car accident. Coi Leray luckily survived. Even more astounding, the entertainer managed to deliver her family’s gifts the night before Christmas.

                          Coi Leray’s Brief Brush With Death

    Good Christmas

    Unfortunately, the news is full of tragic death stories happening around Christmas time. What should be the happiest time of the year, is also the saddest one. “Pac Girl” rapper Coi Leray got into a car accident this past Christmas Eve. AllIHipHop reports that just as “Leray got onto the freeway to see her family, an unidentified driver ran a red light and hit her car head-on.” Coi Leray released the following statement in response to her brief brush with death, “God said nope….not yet…you still have unfinished business…you need to show the world your (sic) a star…” The Jersey native admits that even though she survived the car accident, it still left her with painful injuries. She has refused to receive medical attention, afraid that she might catch Covid-19 at the hospitals. Hopefully, the rapper has some powerful home remedies to treat her injuries in the next few days. Walking away from a car accident isn’t an ideal way of celebrating the holidays but we hope the rapper will have good Christmas.

                Coi Leray’s Family Had A Good Christmas

    The “Pac Girl” rapper’s holiday started off bad, but everything worked out in the end. Despite the car accident and her injuries, Coi Leray managed to deliver her family their presents on Christmas Eve. The 23-year-old made sure her family had a good Christmas this year, even if she didn’t necessarily. Afterall, the holidays all are about the joy of giving back to others.



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