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Sick AF: Shane Dawson Denies That He Ejaculated On His Cat!

Photo Credit: Bustle

Shane Dawson has denied rumors that he had sex with his cat.

However, an old video emerged where he told a story about having sex with a cat. For all of those who are unaware, it all started with an old clip from Shane Dawson’s podcast, Shane and Friends. During the clip, he stated:

“The things I’ve done to my poor animals, they will never love me. I’ve done terrible things.”

Since its emergence, that particular podcast episode has been removed from all platforms. It caused such an outrage that the entire internet read him. So, eventually, he came forward to defend, calling the story fake. 



But, that’s not all! According to BuzzFeed, following the drama, Shane Dawson was met with both criticism and support! The majority of his friends decided to defend him, claiming that he would never engage in any cruelty towards people or animals.

But, what do you all believe? Should Shane Dawson be arrested for animal cruelty or was it just a joke? although we know the answer, please drop a comment below and let us know what you think! And for more in breaking news and gossip, keep it locked to!

Featured Image Credit: Bustle 

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